Your Ambition,
Our Inspiration.

About Us

MentorTrust comes from the words
“mentor” and “trust.”
This is our belief—our culture and commitment
to both our internal and external clients.
We hope that we can achieve a “win-win” situation
by enhancing client value through business services.


MentorTrust is comprised of a group of consultants with an average experience of more than 20 years in the field of business information. We continue to be at the cutting-edge of technology, providing consulting services for cloud-based systems, data platforms, architectures, Azure DevOps, SharePoint, and business intelligence.

We hope to provide cross-platform and cross-industry information technology consulting services. By combining the several years of experience of these technical experts in different technical fields, analyzing a company's current information structure, and understanding the company's future needs, we can provide consulting services for companies to integrate old and new technologies or platform architectures.

In addition to consulting services, MentorTrust also provides customized project development services tailored to your needs We apply our accumulated consulting experience in software development to understand our clients’' business processes and business requirements, while also taking into account other factors such as the aesthetics and ease of use of the human-machine interface, efficiency, scalability, security, scalability and reducing future maintenance difficulties in order to create an information system that satisfies the needs of businesses.

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Data Platform / MS SQL Server Consulting Services

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The database is an important asset of a business and the core of its operation.

MentorTrust professional consultant group will focus on data life cycle to maximize the value of data.

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Business Intelligence Consulting and customized development services

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Based on thoughtful consideration of the data life cycle, we help companies by starting from data integration, creating a massive data warehouse, establishing a business model, as well as assisting in choosing the appropriate analysis interface and sharing platform, so as to produce a comprehensive view of business data.

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System Architecture Consulting Service

系統架構顧問服務 Icon

We plan network topologies and DNS; build and upgrade AD, Exchange, VMware, Hyper-V, physical machine to virtual machine, firewalls; introduce, install, and expand Microsoft System Center; cloud integration, migrate AWS to Azure, provide overall infrastructure troubleshooting, and error handling.

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Azure DevOps and Agile Development Consulting Services

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Application lifecycle menagement(ALM) refers to the entire process from coding to deployment, including maintenance, which is also known as DevOps. MentorTrust will use Microsoft Azure DevOps Server/Services and agile methodologies in order to help clients to introduce DevOps for application lifecycle planning and management.

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SharePoint Consulting and Customized Development Services

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Microsoft SharePoint is a product that integrates a wide variety of features to meet the needs of businesses. In addition to the comprehensiveness of the SharePoint product itself, it will also integrate with other Microsoft technologies and products. MentorTrust will provide planning, implementation, and customization services according to client needs.

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Development Architecture Consulting and Customized Development Services

開發架構顧問及客製開發服務 Icon

MentorTrust has several senior consultants who have served as architects in large business groups or information service providers. By analyzing the structures of current information systems of the client’s business and understanding their future needs, we assist enterprises in integrating new and old technologies and provide consulting services or customized development services.

Package Services


Database Monitoring Alert Analysis Service

We provide database monitoring, alert, and analysis services for DBs’ logs, efficiency, security, high availability, backup, Windows events, etc.


Packaged Health Examination Service

Our packaged health examination service includes services for database, Infrastructure, and SharePoint.


Combining experienced consultants
from different technical fields,
we provide a full range
of consulting and customized services
from a broad perspective.

"Mentor" and "Trust" are not only the commitments
that our team is proud of,
they are also the value and hopes
of our reputation and credibility.


Expert Consultants

Seasoned consultants with a leading position and who is are at the cutting edge of technology.

Senior Executive Consultants

Senior consultants with extensive practical experience in different technical fields.


Our Clients

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Your Ambition,
Our Inspiration.

In regards to the above services,
should you have any technical consulting needs,
please feel free to contact us.